I have Michael W. Smith’s grace playing even as i type this, i have had this song on replay since i downloaded it on Wednesday, you see this past Monday i had a moment and then gathered together all my past journals from way back and started read through, by the time i was done i was in a ball of tears, the entries reminded me of so much, there were entries on days i had health troubles, there were entries i wrote through moments of loneliness, through seasons all i felt was shame, there were entries i wrote when my heart was broken over and again, i had man problems(read men problems), i had personal problems, damn i had academic issues, my Gp had real falls and it was messy, i was suspended for a bit, mann i did have a lot going on for me, i spent days in tears, I’d never forget seasons i had to fake illness because my heart was hurting and i needed time away from school, my Journal reminded me of days of deep pain and then one question hit me, how on earth did i survive it all? How have i been able to juggle all the pain, the struggle and somehow graduated in good time, with an excellent result? How have i been able to go through the fire without burns?

A part of me would like to think I’m just a strong woman (you phenomenal woman and sturvs) but the part of me that’s responsible for honest conversations has to say that i was and i have been graced, that i couldn’t have gone through such storms and have no scars or scratch, you know when he said he gives strength to the weak? He didn’t lie he did that for me, know how he said his strength is made manifest in weakness? That is my story, that where my strength ended he took over I’m not interested in being strong there’s only so much my strength can do for me. I’m content being graced of the lord. I don’t know what point you are right now, where it feels like you have some much to juggle God has spoken to me and is speaking to you too “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” -2 corinthians 12:9, i think you should take a minute to ponder on the word “sufficient” it means the measure of grace you need is what’s available to you, you don’t have to manage, you don’t have to use the grace for writing to read there is grace to read and there is grace to write. Girlll you don’t seem to get me, you are graced. I do not know the place you are right now but i know you are graced for it, bask in this grace i mean revel in it! God’s got you, you are his and nothing can change that. The God who graced me has graced you too.


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