“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows”

-Gal 6:7

Basically scripture already warns us that God cannot be mocked, but we like to try anyway, so here’s my own tale of a mock surrender. Everyone of us gets to a point in our single life where we begin to soak in testimonies of other ladies who were single for a while and somehow in some amazing way God sent a partner their way, oh well i got to that stage and then i heard a particular one of a lady who after praying and waiting on the lord for a while decided to surrender her desire to the lord and before she knew it she met a man and ermm you know how they say it yh? So the amazing child of God that i am decided to try finding a partner like that too o ( shebi what’s good for the goose is good for the gander abi) so i went on my knees and prayed a prayer of ‘surrender’ in all fairness i wasn’t really surrendering oh but y’all know how you say “give me money if you feel like giving me” but then in your heart you’d cuss the person out if they don’t give you? Yeah its that kind of prayer, lord i’m content with you, but your heart is saying okay now can you send me a man lord? Well i thought had won oh because days later i met a man and he was saved, and brother was FINE, he was almost everything on my list (lol) …. so in my mind i was winning in life, i had met my future husband just by “surrendering” i probably have an entire journal for that season, i was ready to add relationship counsellor to my titles sef…. but you see God cannot be mocked.. i’d like to tell you how it went but let’s just say my “future husband” is engaged and almost married right now and me? I’m right here at unspoken woman sharing my gist with my darling single sisters.

Now it a very funny thing but this is the reality God cannot be mocked, he sees your heart and knows what you really want when you talk to him, he knows about your desire to be married, its okay to have a desire, its okay to pray about it, its okay to struggle with surrendering but its not okay to lie about it, see we need to be vulnerable enough with the lord and let him know of our desires, stop pretending before him, if there’s anyone we should be honest with the most its the lord because he knows anyway. When i think about what happened with me i was lying to the lord that i was content single when i was not and then the father of all lies heard me and decided to have fun with my lies by making me come in contact with someone who wasn’t mine, because the truth is you cannot sow lies and reap truth, you cannot sow hypocrisy and reap honesty.

Truth is surrendering your desire does take effort but it’s worth it, but here’s what you should know until you are totally ready to surrender don’t pretend to do it, don’t surrender because you want him to send you a partner in a hurry, surrender because you really are content in your singleness, and if you’re not content just tell him and ask for grace to just do as he’ll have you do.


Love always




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